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14th December 2018 
About Counselling. chairs

How do Counselling and Psychotherapy differ ?.
Counselling and Psychotherapy tend to differ in the issues they address and the time they go on for.

Counselling is often appropriate for working on a specific issue which is troubling someone. So for example an individual may find counselling helps them with their feelings after a bereavement.

Psychotherapy is longer term and helps an individual work on issues that are persistent. For example someone may find that they have a longstanding relationship problem that they find difficult to resolve and don't know why.

Psychotherapy and Counselling can address issues such as trauma, loss, bereavement, relationship problems, abuse, identity issues, self esteem, addiction, eating disorders, anxiety, depression and stress.

For more information contact me at my Psychotherapy Practice by e mail or phone. I offer a free introductory meeting where any concerns or questions can be considered. If you decide to go ahead the sessions are 40.00 (I hold a number of concession spaces) and we would meet once a week for fifty minutes at my Psychotherapy and Counselling practice near Wells and Glastonbury, Somerset.