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17th January 2018 
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Psychotherapy and Counselling in and around Wells and Glastonbury

Accessible Counselling and Psychotherapy in Somerset
My Psychotherapy and Counselling Practice is located just outside Wells, near to Glastonbury and Shepton Mallet and can be reached by public transport. I am also able to offer disabled access.

Working together in a
Psychotherapy / Counselling Process

Over our life times many of us will experience difficulties which come about because of bereavement, loss, trauma, stress, identity or self esteem issues, eating disorders, addictions, compulsive behaviours, depression and relationship problems. It is possible to come to terms with these experiences when we build up trust and confidence to speak about these difficulties. I aim to offer a safe secure and non-judgemental relationship where some of our most painful feelings can be shared,understood and addressed. This work is undertaken confidentially and will be a unique process for each person.

I am a Psychotherapist in Advanced Training with a leading UKCP accredited teaching institute. I have been working for a number of years in private practice and have worked for the Counselling department of The University of the West of England. My past experience includes supporting the activity team at Bristol Children's Hospital and working in other health and educational settings.

Contacting my Psychotherapy/ Counselling Practice in Wells and Glastonbury
To help decide if Counselling/Psychotherapy would be a helpful way forwards please contact me at my Psychotherapy/ Counselling practice in Wells, near to Glastonbury, by sending an e mail or phone message and I will be in touch.

Sessions are 35.00